Speaking out for tax justice

The online rally for tax justice heard tax justice champions from all walks of life advance imperatives to address peoples’ survival adequately and humanely.

We want tax justice! We want taxes to be collected from the rich and be spent on the poor and that has not been done!

FAROOQ TARIQ, Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee

Tax framework has become increasingly regressive and the privatization of essential services has resulted in the collapse of many public institutions and the hollowing out of public services intensifying a crisis of social reproduction.

DOMINIC BROWN, Alternative Information and Development Centre

There is no increase in domestic revenue without tax justice. It is the basis of development of any nation. As a youth, I strongly demand for tax justice. We want tax justice. We fight for tax justice. Tax justice now!


Progressive taxes have a positive role to play in fighting inequality, in meeting the needs of the people and the planet.

NJOKI NJEHU, Fight Inequality Alliance

There is a need for us to re-think the way we frame the global tax architecture, (we need) one which is designed in order to benefit the people, the poor, and, the global communities.

CHARLES SANTIAGO, Member of Parliament of Malaysia

We urge the government of Indonesia and governments from other countries not to bail out mining companies for the tax incentives and tax holidays during this time of the pandemic. Mining companies already exploited and enjoyed many benefits from the natural resources. If the government bailout taxes in mining companies, it creates new inequality and injustice.

MARYATI, Publish What You Pay Indonesia

The rally was organized by the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (APMDD) and the Tax and Fiscal Justice Asia (TAFJA) part of the Global Days of Action for Tax and Fiscal Justice led by the Global Alliance for Tax Justice (GATJ). It was held as the United Nations 75th General Assembly gathers September 15-30.

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