Solidarity with the people of Turkey and Syria affected by the massive earthquakes

We express our deepest solidarity with the people and communities affected by the powerful earthquakes that shook Turkey and Syria on February 6, the deadliest natural disaster seen worldwide in recent history. According to AFAD, the Disaster and Emergency Management Organization of Turkey, more than 9,000 aftershocks have hit the region since that day.

More than 50,000 people are now known to have been killed and the death toll continues to rise. As tens of thousands were injured, trapped under the rubble, rendered homeless amid freezing conditions, without access to adequate food, water, and medicines – almost 240,000 rescue workers have been working in the 11 quake-hit provinces in Turkey. They are still there but no new survivors have been reported in recent days.

Around 20 million people in Turkey have been affected by the quake, with more than half a million people evacuated from the disaster areas. The United Nations estimates 8.8 million people have been affected in Syria.

This catastrophe has taken place against the backdrop of multiple crises in the Global South that have made poverty and inequality much worse: rising economic uncertainty, a global health crisis, the devastating impacts of climate change, and, in the case of the Turkey-Syria border region, a long term conflict that has provoked a humanitarian crisis.

As a movement of people fighting for equality and justice in Asia, our hearts go out to those who are suffering amid the widespread damage. We call not only for more assistance and relief to reach affected communities, but also for decisive action to respond to the multiple and mutually exacerbating crises.

Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development
Aid for Social Protection Programme Foundation Vietnam
Aksi Ekologi dan Emansipasi Rakyat Indonesia
Aksi! for gender, social and ecological justice Indonesia
All Nepal Peasants’ Federation
All Nepal Women’s Association (ANWA)
Bangladesh Krishok Federation
Centre for Environmental Justice Sri Lanka
Climate Watch Thailand, Thailand
Digo Bikas Institute (DBI) Nepal
Environics Trust India
Equity Bd Bangladesh
Friends of the Earth Japan
Focus on the Global South
General Federation of Nepalese Free Trade Unions (GEFONT)
Himalaya Nihi Abhiyan India
Indian Social Action Forum
Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities
Jagaran Nepal
Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES)
Kanlungan Centre Foundation Inc Philippines
LDC Watch (L’Observatoire PMA)
mines,minerals &People, India
Monitoring Sustainability of Globalisation (MSN) Malaysia
Nadi Ghati Morcha-India
National Alliance for Human Rights Human Rights and Social Justice-Nepal
NGO Federation Nepal (NFN)
Oriang Philippines
Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum
Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee
Policy Research Institute for Equitable Development (PRIED) Pakistan
Philippine Movement for Climate Justice
Rural Reconstruction Nepal (RRN)
Sanlakas Philippines
South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication (SAAPE)
Trend Asia Indonesia
WALHI/Friends Of The Earth Indonesia
Waterkeepers Bangladesh Pilipinas Asia
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