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We are movements and organizations engaged in many struggles for a new world – a world in which the needs, interests, rights and aspirations of peoples everywhere have priority over the profit of corporations and the excess of elites. In the years ahead, our solidarity and collective action is extremely crucial. Climate change is already having devastating impacts globally and is accelerating. The window for preventing the breach of tipping points and stopping climate catastrophe is rapidly closing.

Climate change is more than multiplying the sufferings of people already burdened by the global injustices of hunger, dispossession and violation of human rights. It is a crisis that also threatens to wipe out vast populations and profoundly change life on Earth. We must act with clarity, cohesion and courage if we are to stabilize the Earth’s climate system and secure a just and sustainable world.

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Rising inequality still remains as a long-term problem for the Philippines and the rest of the Asia and the Pacific region, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) president said Wednesday.

JSAPMDD and FDC Protest Action Against ADB, 2 May 2012

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JSAPMDD is organizing a series of activities this April to tackle crucial issues on water, climate, taxes and gender concerns.

JSAPMDD's Activities

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Today, countries the world over celebrate UN World Water Day 2012, around the themes of water and food security. But for Asia, it is not a celebration but rather a clarion call to action and resistance.

JSAPMDD Statement on World Water Day, 22 March 2012

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On the occasion of the 101st commemoration of International Women’s Day, JSAPMDD stands in solidarity with all women struggling against various forms of oppression, deprivation and discrimination.

JSAPMDD Statement on the 101st International Women’s Day 2012