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At a time of multiple crises and climate change, there is clearly an urgent need to heighten the fight for women’s rights to land and livelihoods, as part of our overall struggle for economic justice and empowerment.

APMDD Workshop on Women, Land, Food and Climate

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On the occasion of the 101st commemoration of International Women’s Day, JSAPMDD stands in solidarity with all women struggling against various forms of oppression, deprivation and discrimination.

JSAPMDD Statement on the 101st International Women’s Day 2012

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The access to and control over land is the most determining factor in women empowerment besides other factors including their economic security and physical safety. International Day of Rural Women will be observed on Saturday amid extensive programmes across 64 districts of the country. 'Claim Your Right to Land and Inheritance' is the theme of this year.

Beijing women conference in 1995 adopted the proposal for the observation of 15th October as Rural Women Day, later during 2007, UN adopted a resolution for marking the day as International Rural Women Day (IRWD) to celebrate and honour the role of rural women each year.

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Stressing the need to bring a change in men's mentality towards the rights of women, speakers at a seminar yesterday said women's rights would be ensured if awareness can be created among the two sexes.

Change in Men's Mindset Stressed

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An all-women speakers panel stressed that women are more harshly affected by the climate crisis as well as articulated the demands of women, particularly those from the South, to the climate negotiators meeting during the UNFCCC Bangkok Intersessionals.

Press Conference: Women Speak Out on Climate Justice