Various sectors in the Philippines committed to participate in several actions to demand adequate climate finance to developing countries as well as to prevent the World Bank and the private sector from exercising a greater role in the Green Climate Fund.

In separate planning meetings on climate organized by JSAPMDD in September, representatives of the youth, women and labor sectors agreed to mobilize their network for a protest action in October at the embassies of South Africa, Mexico, and Norway, which are the countries chairing the Transitional Committee of the GCF.

The sectors also agreed to conduct another demonstration in November at the United States embassy to demand that the US and other Annex 1 countries drastically cut down on their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and provide climate debt reparations to South countries as part of the rich nations' responsibilities in creating the climate crisis.

Participants of the meetings also committed to mobilize their network to send the email action initiated by JSAPMDD addressed to members of the Transitional Committee calling for the private sector and the World Bank not to be given a role in the operations and management of the GCF.

The agreements on the protest actions were forged right after Lidy Nacpil, Regional Coordinator of JSAPMDD, provided updates and developments on the processes concerning climate finance and presented the activities initially drawn up during the Climate Campaign Conference in August.

The planning meeting for the women's sector as well as the youth sector were separately held on September 8 while the meeting for the labor sector was conducted on September 9.