Around 30 women leaders in Manila gathered for a Trainor's Training on Climate Change at the office of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) on October 5. Organized by JSAPMDD and FDC, the training sought to familiarize women leaders with the international and national discourse on climate justice as well as the gender dimension of issues on climate change. The activity aimed to equip the women with sufficient knowledge so they can undertake climate justice campaigns in their respective localities.

The morning session of the whole-day training involved a presentation on the science of climate change and the political economy of the climate negotiations delivered by Claire Miranda from the JSAPMDD Secretariat. Meanwhile, Mae Buenaventura, Vice President of FDC, discussed the gender dimension of the climate crisis as participants shared their experiences and insights on the issue. The last presentation, which was given by Marion Cabrera, FDC-Women's Committee Program Officer, focused on policy and program responses at the national level on gender and climate justice.

During the afternoon session, the women leaders were divided into groups for a planning workshop. The participants shared and discussed action and advocacy plans based on their learnings from the presentations.

The women leaders pointed to the need for educational discussions and trainings at the community level as well as mobilizations that surface women' situation and perspectives on the climate crisis. They agreed to take part in the actions and activities lined up by the JSAPMDD and FDC in the coming weeks. These included mobilizations at the embassies of South Africa, Norway and Mexico as well as a demonstration at the US Embassy. The women also agreed to mobilize their network for the email action addressed to members of the Transitional Committee of the Green Climate Fund calling for the World Bank and the private sector not to have a role in the fund.