More than 8,500 people have died in Nepal after strong earthquakes struck the country within three weeks – the first on April 25 and another on May 12.

“Already a Least Developed Country, Nepal is pushed back at least by a decade in its development efforts by this devastating earthquake,” according to Dr. Sarba Khadka of Rural Reconstruction Nepal, one of our member organizations in the country currently doing relief work.

Stand with us in solidarity with the people of Nepal. Donate to RRN’s Emergency Relief Fund. Our colleagues have reported that they have already reached 10,000 affected families in 7 districts where it plans to reach more than 20,000.

And join us in calling for the immediate, total and unconditional cancellation of all debts claimed from Nepal. Its government reported that it has over $3.3 billion in external debt – billions which could be spent to rebuild Nepal, and help its people recover, instead of being diverted to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and other rich international banks and countries.

As our colleague Sujita Shakya of the All Nepal Women Association said, “We are in a painful situation and [the debt cancellation] will provide some relief for the Nepalese government and people as well.”