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At this moment, the House of Representatives of Indonesia is discussing the bill of Land Acquisition for Development which has been submitted by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. This bill includes the provision of land acquisition for development for the public interest and private business interests. The bill is targeted to be enacted in 2011, because it is one of the important prerequisites to smooth the process of land provision for development projects, in accordance with the Master plan for Acceleration and Expansion Indonesia Economic Development (MP3EI) 2011-2025 which was launched earlier this year by the President. This bill is based on the assumption that one of the constraints in development project is the difficulty to obtain land for the project, and the existing policies are considered less adequate. However, a just and democratic development should pay attention to the situation, conditions and interests of the people of Indonesia over the interests of private business.

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The meeting aimed to discuss local campaign updates, further study the issues related to the various campaigns in the national as well as regional level and identify strategies and activities that could strengthen the campaigns until the early part of 2012.

Indonesian Groups Forge JSAPMDD Campaign Plans