Bangladesh: Human chain and rally to demand justice in taxation in the extractive industries

EARLIER IN BANGLADESH: A human chain and rally was held in front of the National Press Club to demand justice in taxation in the extractive industries by the initiative of the Bangladesh Krishok Federation.

Speakers in the gathering said that there is no #TaxJustice in the domestic and foreign companies engaged in the extractive and mining-centric sectors. This lack of tax justice creates deprivation in public life.

Considering the living conditions of workers in coal, oil, and gas, whose wages do not meet the standards of justice as well as the industry’s impacts on the lives and livelihoods of affected communities, the extractives industry must pay.

The industry should not have any tax incentives and holidays, its profits and excess profits cannot be exempted from taxation! We rightfully demand:

1. Establish tax justice in the mining industry

2. Use tax money for public benefit

3. Give fair wages and allowances to the workers engaged in this industry

4. Compensate affected communities and workers

5. Rationalize existing energy systems to transition to renewable energy systems

6. Stop tax evasion in this industry

7. End tax incentives in mining and energy industries

8. Rehabilitate the mine-affected population

9. Tax the excess profits of corporations

10. Use tax to protect the earth and people

The action is part of the Global Days of Action for Tax Justice in the Extractives Industry and APMDD’s regional campaign on tax justice in the extractives industry to demand governments around the world to undertake urgent measures to stop the tax and other abuses committed in the extractive industry.

With Bangladesh Krishok Federation – BKF, Bangladesh Workers Party, Bangladesh Workers Federation, National Farmers Association, Sonar Bangla Party, Motherland Garments Workers Federation, Bangladesh Farmers Federation, Bangladesh Adivasi Samiti, Readymade Garments Workers Federation

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