On the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Mizuho, MUFG, SMBC Climate campaigners slammed three of Japan’s megabanks for deceiving the public and their shareholders into believing that they are pursuing decarbonization policies when in fact they are financing some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel projects,Continue Reading

Climate campaigners demonstrated in front of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) headquarters today calling on the delegates to this year’s Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) to enable Asia’s rapid transition to renewable energy systems by 2050. ADB, along with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the KoreaContinue Reading

PRESS RELEASE: April 19, 2024 Activists gathered on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank in Washington DC today to demand “deep, wide and urgent debt cancellation” for Global South countries. Demonstrations were also held in the Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.  “WhileContinue Reading

With the stage set for the trilateral meeting of US President Joe Biden, Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. in Washington D.C., civil society groups in the Philippines  warned the three world leaders against entering into a “dangerous, unholy alliance” to extend the life ofContinue Reading

Climate campaigners staged a rally in Makati City’s business district on March 1, 2024 to call on big insurance companies to stop insuring and underwriting fossil fuel projects. The activists demanded that the top insurers end their support for coal, oil and gas companies which are the culprits behind theContinue Reading

Climate campaigners carrying giant “Ang Pao” (Chinese money envelopes) held a march-rally at the Fil-Chinese Friendship Arch in Binondo, Manila on Saturday, February 10, to celebrate the Dragon Lunar New Year and called on China to lead in building 100% renewable energy systems in Asia, particularly solar and wind. TheContinue Reading