Many trade unions and peoples movements have made significant gains developing frameworks and asserting demands for a just transition. However there is still much to be done to strengthen and advance efforts to develop perspectives, principles and agendas based on the conditions in the Global South and from the vantage pointContinue Reading

Environmental campaigners sent a letter to SMBC, MUFG, and JERA in Tokyo via courier service from Manila. The letter outlines demands from Asian communities and NGOs urging these institutions to stop funding fossil fuels. #DontGasAsia#stopfossilfuels#fastfairforever Asia’s Dirty Companies 三井住友銀行 (SMBC)三菱UFJ銀行 JERA Co., Inc.Continue Reading

Climate campaigners & communities are protesting the growing number of gas-fired power projects in Batangas, where the Verde Island Passage is located. There are 45 proposed projects across PH and 16 are slated for the Verde Island Passage, a 1.14 million hectare marine corridor. (On June 23rd, Mizuho will faceContinue Reading

Our Energy and Climate activists from APMDD Philippines sent a letter to Mizuho Financial Group containing grievances and demands from Asian communities due to their continued fossil fuel financing. Our people reject these blatant disregard of science and evidence to phaseout fossil fuels, and instead fuel their corporate greed atContinue Reading