(Originally published in Khaleej Times (published Thu 30 Nov 2023) by Angel Tesorero; Video clip courtesy of Khaleej Times) Standing in solidarity with the people of Palestine, a global network of climate justice and human rights organisations, has called for a permanent ceasefire and scaling up of humanitarian aid inContinue Reading

People’s movements and organizations  gathered together on November 17-18, 2023 for a Climate Justice Assembly with the theme “Advancing Peoples’ Action Towards Just and Equitable Transition in Bangladesh.” The Assembly is participated by more than 700 community leaders and representatives from the fishers, farmers, workers, women, indigenous peoples, and theContinue Reading

PRESS RELEASE: October 21, 2023 In the early hours of the morning on October 21, the Fourth Meeting of the Transitional Committee preparing proposals for COP 28 on the Loss and Damage Fund ended without arriving at consensus on any recommendations.  This was supposed to be the last meeting ofContinue Reading

Rather than delivering long-overdue and much-needed finance for climate action, the US government has repeatedly denied liability for reparations, continually funded fossil fuels, advanced unjust climate finance arrangements, and kept its climate finance pledges unfulfilled. This coming Second Pledging Conference of the Green Climate Fund on October 5, and 4thContinue Reading