Asian groups urge a “no” vote in Greek referendum

MANILA, 3 July 2015 – In solidarity with the Greek people and government, an Asian alliance of social movements and organizations stated their support for the call for a “no” vote in this Sunday’s historic referendum.

“We and many other peoples of the global south share the struggle of the people of Greece against​ ​illegitimate debt,​ ​austerity​ ​measures and neo​-​liberal economic policies. We know only too well the devastating impacts of debt and anti-people policies imposed by the International Monetary Fund, other international financial institutions and lender governments,” said Lidy Nacpil, coordinator of the Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development,​ ​a part of​ ​the​ ​global anti-debt network
Jubilee South.

“Thus we​ ​support the call of the​ ​Syriza​ ​government​ ​for a ‘no’ vote,​ ​and​ ​the right​ ​of the people of Greece​ ​to chart their own future free from the troika’s stranglehold,” she added in a statement.

On Sunday, July 5, Greeks will take part in a national referendum on a technically-defunct bailout offer which would enforce stronger austerity measures in their debt-ridden country. Greece missed a $1.7 billion loan payment to the IMF last Tuesday, the first developed country to do so.

A “yes” victory will pave the way towards the negotiation of a new bailout, with tougher budget cuts and tax rises, and undermine the Syriza government. A “no” victory, on the other hand, would support the government’s rejection of the imposition of the “troika” – the IMF, European Central Bank and European Commission.

APMDD is also a signatory of an international statement released today which blamed the “troika” for Greece’s current situation.

“The world has experienced how debt burdens and neoliberal impositions have created havoc on economies, depleted natural resources, exacerbated inequalities, and impoverished peoples while siphoning off billions of dollars to global capitalist banks, giant corporations and imperialist governments,” the organizations said in the joint statement expressing solidarity with the Greek people.

“Your struggle is our struggle. Your victory is our victory,” they also stated.

The Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development (formerly Jubilee South–Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development) is a regional alliance of peoples’ movements and organizations, coalitions, and nongovernmental organizations.

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