Module 1-5: A Toolkit on Illicit Financial Flows

By Sakshi Rai, Andres Arauz, Francois Godbout, Grace Mbogo, Luis Moreno, Mae Buenaventura and Robert Ssuuna

The Toolkit on Illicit Financial Flows is an easy and accessible resource for enthusiasts, activists, civil society organisations, practitioners and journalists.

Designed in a modular format, the toolkit aims to enable evidence-based advocacy from the perspective of developing countries for bringing awareness, policy change, exchanging examples of effective interventions from the Global South and wider collaboration between different actors.

The Toolkit is written within the framework of human rights, gender justice and the sustainable development agenda, and provides a well-rounded perspective of illicit financial flows from the context of the Global South and delves into its regional components. It uses a multi-pronged approach to involve the larger civil society, practitioners and journalists through international and regional mechanisms, simplified case studies to demystify complex topics and examples of successful interventions across the Global South.

All modules are designed independently from each other but are structured in a holistic manner. It is recommended that Module 1 be read first as it sets the premise for this undertaking.

The toolkit is available in print and online. The technical module is also available in Spanish.

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