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At Stake in Durban: A Climate Deal for the 1% or the 99%?A civil society analysis of mitigation issues in the Durban talks

It’s a planetary and humanitarian emergency… The world is already reeling from major humanitarian emergencies exacerbated by climate change: floods in Thailand and Pakistan, landslides from extreme rains in many Latin American countries, and the multi-year drought in the Horn of Africa that threatens the lives of millions.

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The Debt Problem and Our Demands

The Illegitimacy of Debt

The debt problem must be understood in its historical political and economic context. And, such an understanding points to the illegitimacy of the debt as a whole and the system that has spawned it.

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On Tax Justice

Taxes and taxation involve people's resources. Peoples' movements and citizens groups should be concerned about this issue and the questions of who should be taxed, how taxation should be done, and how revenues from taxes should be spent.

  1. The state's right to tax goes hand in hand with the state's obligations to protect and uphold the rights of its citizens, promote equity and justice, provide for essential services and, be transparent and democratic in formulation and implementation of budget, spending and policies.

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GHG Emissions in Tons per CapitaInformation taken from UN Data

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Towards a Peoples’ Agenda On Climate Finance: A Part of our Platform for Climate JusticeClimate change is a grave and urgent threat to life on earth on a global scale. The challenge is great, but greater still for countries of the South and the majority of the peoples of the South who stand to bear the brunt of its most harmful consequences because of accumulated economic and social vulnerabilities throughout history till the present.