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On June 2012, two international meetings that determine the direction of world economy and environment will be taken place. The meetings will have an impact on the overall future of mankind and the earth.

Our Nature Is Not For Sale Against Commodification and Financialization© AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim

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A civil society group has been trying to access certain data and documents associated with the management of Jakarta's piped water system, which since 1998 has been run by two private, foreign-controlled companies.

Jakarta Water Trust Plays Alleged Obfuscation Game

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Muhammad Reza, advocacy coordinator for the People's Coalition for the Right to Water (Kruha), is trying to get the Public Information Commission (KIP) to declare key data and documents public.

With Private Control of Jakarta’s Water, Public in the Dark

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We, the undersigned, strongly condemn the violent attack by the Indonesian police against a peaceful demonstration in SAPE Harbor on Christmas eve that killed three (3) protestors and injured at least twenty-nine (29) others.

The brutality perpetrated by the police is totally unacceptable, especially as the protestors were exercising the right to express their demands and sentiments against the Bima Gold Mine Project, an undertaking that has grave and harmful consequences on the environment and the lives of community residents.

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Around 50 demonstrators in colorful costumes walked from Inndosat Horse Statue to State Palace in the morning of November 29 then held a protest action in front of the ADB Indonesia Resident Mission office later in the afternoon.

Indonesian Women Protest World Bank and ADB Financing