Asia-wide mobilisations held to demand finance for reparations, justice, and equity

On the first day of the Paris Summit for a New Global Financing Pact protests were held by peoples movements and in seven major cities in Asia. Protesters gathered in city landmarks and in front of the French embassy in Dhaka, New Delhi, Jakarta, Lahore, Kathmandu, Colombo and Manila.

Peoples’ movements in the Global South reject the push for more debt-creating finance, profit-oriented private investments, and flawed market based schemes supposedly to support development and climate actions in the Global South.

We demand reparations and justice from the wealthy countries of Global North for the huge historical, social, ecological and climate debts they owe our people.

Towards this, we call for the full provision of adequate, predictable, and non-debt-creating climate finance, the cancellation of unsustainable and illegitimate debt by all lenders, the application of wealth taxes, and an end to illicit financial flows and the tax abuses of multinational corporations.

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